YouTube for Higher Education: Tips for Creating and Sharing Video Content

YouTube is a valuable marketing tool for higher education and allows institutions to send a message about the voice of their campus. Is your school using YouTube effectively? Follow these tips to ensure your higher ed institution is creating useful content, engaging with users and providing a pleasant user experience, and getting the most out

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10 Reasons Why IEPs and International Student Offices Need Blogs

In the past, blogging was not taken seriously and is often misunderstood to be a hobby for aspiring travel writers, cooks, and the like. These days, blogs are an established authority on the internet, thanks both to Google’s high rankings of blog content and reader’s perceived trustworthiness: blogs have been rated as the 5th most

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Website Copy Writing for International Student Recruitment

With the international student market increasing for U.S. colleges and universities each year, institutions find it more difficult to differentiate their programs from competitors. Most schools are unaware of how to attract students on the web, not realizing that copy writing geared for international students is an effective way to establish a program as different

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